We Bring Yoga to You
Good and Twisted Yoga is passionate about spreading the power of yoga to others and to do that, we want yoga to be as accessible as possible.We offer on-site classes customized to your needs and location. We will work with you, your organization, school, etc to tailor a class or series of classes to your needs and then assign a qualified instructor.to guide the classes. You don’t need a gym to have a yoga class, a quiet, open space our outdoors works as well ( of course maybe not outside in the Minnesota winter!!).  

We also carry the appropriate insurance to offer this service and will handle obtaining fees associated with the class as well as any other administration. We have been offering this service to local businesses in the Cities very successfully, and we would love to bring Good & Twisted Yoga to your place of business!

Please call us at 952-448-9642 or click here contact us by email.