Workshops and Events at Good & Twisted Yoga will focus on an element of overall wellness. For us, wellness is more than just physical; It also encompasses mental, spiritual, social & financial wellness. It is about developing strong relationships, having love in your life, doing work that that is fulfilling, effectively managing your finances and having a sense of engagement in your community. We will cover various wellness topics on a monthly basis. Your input will help us shape our schedule! Sign up for our newsletter on our website for upcoming events! 

Upcoming Workshops & Events:




Virtual Gentle Yoga + Guided Meditation Special Class

with Lauren B, RYT-200


Find a quiet place to practice, light some candles, and join us for this relaxing yoga class with guided meditation!

This introspective practice will help you to enjoy the benefits of letting go.

We will open the hips, back, chest and shoulders with flexibility poses that focus on lengthening and stretching the body. Asanas are held for several breaths to allow the body to sink deeply into the pose, mostly performed seated or lying on the mat. Good for everyone seeking a deeper sense of release and relaxation for both mind and body.

The last 1/2 hour of class incorporates guided meditation during final relaxation-a wonderful preparation for the week ahead!

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Valentine’s Day Loving Kindness Special Class

with Lauren B, RYT-200


Please join us on a journey to loving kindness through deep hip and heart opening asanas, and unfold a deeper sense of love toward self and others. Take this opportunity to be filled with infinite love and gratitude for your practice, yourself and others!

This class will:

  • take you through a one hour heart and hip opening yoga practice
  • guide you through a 30 minute special loving kindness meditation that will cleanse and nourish the heart from the inside out

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Candlelight Vinyasa + Restorative and Guided Meditation Special Class

with Elyssa, RYT-200


Settle into the new year with a yoga practice uniting mind, body and breath—by candlelight! This tranquil and introspective practice strikes a balance between movement & stillness and strength & surrender, challenging both the body AND the mind.

Spend the first hour of class connecting breath and movement through a heated Vinyasa flow (similar to a Warm & Twisted class format).

Then settle into stillness with a 1/2 hour of guided meditation using restorative postures/props that allow the body to fully release into the space created.

Leave your practice feeling open, refreshed, at peace, and with a deeper connection to the self as you prepare to take on 2022!

Bring your yoga mat. All other props will be provided.

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Prenatal Yoga 6-Week Session

with Callie K., certified yoga teacher

TUESDAYS-JAN 18-FEB 22, 7:30-8:45PM

Prenatal Yoga provides a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere where you can enhance the bonding process with your baby while supporting the development and strengthening of your body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy.

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$125/session; $28/drop-in class

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