Good & Twisted Thai Yoga Bodywork

with Jamie Reinbold, RYT-200, RTT-300

Thai Yoga Bodywork is done with both practitioner and client on a comfortable padded mat on the floor. The recipient wears clothes that are easy to bend and stretch in (yoga clothes are great!), while the practitioner uses thumbs, fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to work on the body and gently move you into the shape of many yoga poses! 

The fundamental theory of the Thai healing tradition derives from the concepts of vital energy and its pathways throughout the body…an experience you won’t want to miss!


  • 60 minute Thai Yoga Bodywork Intro (1x Use Only) = $75.00
  • 90 minute Thai Yoga Bodywork Session = $108.00
  • Wellness Package: Three 90-minute Sessions (1 visit/week for 3 weeks) = $299.00 (see more info below)

Looking to book an appointment, or have other questions? 

Please Contact Jamie Directly @ (952) 484-1778 or email


Wellness Package Option  (working with specific pain and/or stress). 

Three 90 minute sessions (1 visit per week for three weeks is the best way to see lasting results!)

What to expect during the 3 week session:

Our intention will be to locate and target your specific areas of pain and discomfort.  We will focus our attention to breath and relaxation while allowing movement.

Multiple appointments will allow the practitioner to find the pressure, acupressure and traction that works best for you.  Follow up visits will continue to work with the body and techniques that are best suited to assist in healing based on your feedback.  We will assess on a week to week basis which areas are responding well to which treatments.

We will discuss yoga poses you can do on your own that can assist in healing and maintaining more pain-free movement, as well as recommend a plan for your continued therapy on a schedule that works for your body and your budget.


Jamie Reinbold, RYT-200, RTT-300 

Jamie took his first yoga class in 1993.   He started attending yoga classes regularly in 2008.  In 2016, after his two kids graduated, he completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training.  In June 2017, he felt his calling to begin Thai Yoga Bodywork training and will continue his TYBW training in Thailand in November 2018. 

Combining these two forms of yoga allows Jamie to help his clients manage pain and stress, as well as increase flexibility.  He is able to recommend yoga postures to his clients that they can incorporate into their daily lives to continue their healing.

Jamie is also a full time property manager in Chaska, and he and his wife live in Hopkins.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends, practicing yoga, and is always eager to learn more about health and healing.

  Teachings from Thailand
Recently, I attended the 16 day Thai Bodywork training in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Ajahn Pichest. What I went there to learn and what I came home with are two different things.

In the beginning, I wanted to learn more about techniques and how to apply them to my practice; instead, I came away with an enlightened perspective on helping to heal the body. Although it’s not a new idea, it’s more reinforcement to the idea of healing in the form of sensing and working with each person as an individual. 

Some questions that Ajahn asked us to ask ourselves, “Helping or not helping?”, “If not helping the people, should they come and see you again?”  Most of his teachings centered on what you should give of yourself to help another. I look forward to helping all who come to see me for bodywork as an individual. As Ajahn Pichest would say “see… do…”  ~Jamie