Reflexology & Ear Candling

with Jourdan Skrtic, Certified Reflexologist | (715) 864-3474

REFLEXOLOGY is a pressure therapy involving the feet.  It is based on the understanding that there are reflex points in the body (especially the feet)  that correlate to the structure and function of all parts of the body.  By targeting these reflex points, you can work to cancel out the effects of stress while helping the body to reach a place of deep relaxation where it can do the work of balancing all of the bodily systems naturally.  See more benefits listed below!         

EAR CANDLING is a non-invasive and very relaxing technique!  When the candle is lit in the ear, no heat is felt in the ear canal.  The smoke shape from the hollow candle stimulates and cleanses the respiratory system.  See more benefits listed below!



  • Foot Reflexology (1 hour session) = $65.00
    • *Purchase a 3-Pack for $175 (saves $20)
    • *Purchase a 6-Pack for $325 (saves $65)
    • *Purchase 1 Hr Reflexology and get a $25 Ear Candling Session (saves $20)
  • Foot Reflexology (30 min session) = $45.00
  • Hand Reflexology (30 min session) = $45.00
  • Package: 30 Min Foot + 30 Min Hand Reflexology = $70 (bundle and save $20!)
  • Package: 60 Min Foot + 30 Min Hand Reflexology = $90 (bundle and save $20!)


  • Ear Candling (45 min session) = $45.00

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  • Fridays: 8am-12pm (available to book online)
  • Please contact Jourdan to check other availability

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Jourdan Skrtic, Wild Roots Wellness

Certified Reflexologist, Health Coach, and Ear Candler 

 Jourdan focuses on balancing client overall well-being, using natural and individualized approaches.         


-Relieve tension -Improve circulation & nerve impulses
-Reduce pain -Naturally balance the body
-Revitalize energy -Cleanse toxins


-Clear debris from ear canal -Relieve pressure behind ear drum
-Sharpen mental function and senses -Ease ear ache, head ache, sinus pressure and allergies
-Induces relaxation -Acts as a catalyst to clear nerve endings and promote healing