Question: What is the meaning and purpose of yoga?
Yoga is about improving your physical and mental health to realize its full potential. Yoga helps people achieve overall wellness by experiencing happiness, enlightenment, peace, and freedom. Yoga’s secondary goals are physical health, emotional balance and mental harmony.
  Question: Is yoga for everyone?
Yes, absolutely!  Anyone can practice yoga. Even if you just implement the breathing exercise, you are practicing yoga. There are modifications of poses to accommodate limitations, but choose the class level that is appropriate for you (watch for “beginner”, “intermediate”, or “advanced” designations in the class description). Our teachers will offer different variations of the poses so that everyone can benefit and each time you come to class you will learn and grow a little more! Remember there is no such thing as not being “good” at yoga…what matters is how it makes YOU feel.
  Question: I am not flexible-can I do yoga?
A common misconception is that you must be flexible to start a yoga practice…far from it. That’s like saying you’re too dirty to take a shower! Most of the people practicing yoga started out because they are not flexible. With a consistent yoga regimen you will develop more flexibility and strength. Be patient with your body. Practice, practice, practice. You will be amazed at the freedom and ease of movement you develop by lengthening tight muscles and increasing range of motion. Our yoga practices can be tailored specifically for flexibility.
  Question: Is yoga just stretching?
Yoga involves more than just stretching your muscles. It is an entirely different perspective than the warm-up stretches you might do at the gym. Yoga places emphasis on alignment, which means how you are touching your toes is more important than whether you can actually touch them. Attention to your breath and tuning in to the subtle sensations of your body introduces a mindfulness of yoga poses that you won’t find outside of a yoga practice. Many people are taken by surprise at the physical challenge of yoga so remember, work at your own pace, and embrace the strides you make while improving strength, flexibility and a peaceful mind.
  Question: How often should I practice to have the best results?
Practice as much as you can, every little bit helps; a minimum of 3 times a week is recommended. By practicing 3-6 times a week you will experience life changing results much quicker. Transformation happens over time with any level of consistent practice. The amount of effort and focus you put into something is directly proportionate to the results you will achieve.
  Question: Why hot yoga? Will I be safe practicing in a heated room?
Your skin is one of the best waste disposal systems in nature and this occurs during sweating. Hot yoga provides the perfect channel for detoxification to happen. The heat is designed to detoxify your body as well as making the muscles and joints suppler to avoid injuries; temperature ranges from 80-95 degrees F.  Depending on the level of class and the pacing of the teacher, it takes about 2 weeks of consistent practice to acclimate the body to heat. In heated yoga classes, your body needs enough water to promote perspiration. We recommend drinking 64 ounces of water during the day you are practicing hot yoga. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns that heated yoga may not be safe for you due to health conditions.
  Question: How should I contact Good & Twisted Yoga if I have questions?
Feel free to call the studio 952-448-9642. Leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Or email us at jj@goodandtwistedyoga.com.  There is always an instructor available at the studio 20 minutes before & ½ hour after each class on the schedule, but remember that we lock the front door while class is in session. 


  • Masks are not currently required at Good & Twisted Yoga for students or teachers.
    • If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you may do so.
    • It is strongly recommended that individuals who are not vaccinated continue to wear a mask.