• New to Yoga, or looking to focus on stress reduction, relaxation and flexibility?  Try Good & Gentle and Good & Flexible classes
  • New to Yoga, or looking for a class to build strength, balance, and learn proper alignment in postures?  Try Good & Gentle and Good & Balanced classes
  • Comfortable with the yoga postures, and ready for a challenging class that moves more quickly?  Try Warm & Twisted I and Warm & Twisted II classes
  • Looking for a deeper understanding of traditional yoga teachings and a more spiritual practice?  Try Good & Mindful classes

Our class formats are meant to be combined by students for a very balanced approach to your yoga practice!  We recommend having taken at least a couple of Good & Balanced classes prior to your first vinyasa flow class (Warm & Twisted).

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 * Classes will be filled on a first come first served basis; online registrants always receive first priority in the event a class is full.  Our policy is that there must be > 1 student in attendance to hold the class; otherwise the class will be cancelled


Certified yoga teacher

Warm & Twisted I

Moderately paced Vinyasa flow yoga sequence to help you build strength, increase flexibility, and find focus. This class emphasizes linking breath with movement as you flow from one traditional yoga pose to the next. You will build confidence as you master this routine and feel how beautifully your poses work together. This invigorating yoga class is sure to challenge you and provide a great workout in a heated studio. The class is a great stepping stone to the more advanced W&T II flow class. Intermediate level class.

Warm & Twisted II

A rigorous Vinyasa flow yoga class with demanding strength postures that will have you moving, breathing and sweating! This is a challenging, fun yoga practice utilizing a dynamic combination of strength, flexibility, stabilization, stamina, cardio, and concentration. This yoga flow practice heals and detoxifies the body, and brings harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Learn new challenging variations on the basic poses and awaken the power of your individual practice in a heated studio. Advanced level class.

Candlelight Yoga

(See “Workshops” for next scheduled)

A tranquil yoga flow class, uniting mind, body and breath by candlelight. This introspective offering strikes a balance between movement & stillness and strength & surrender; it leaves you open, refreshed and at peace. Melt away tension with the simplicity and beauty of meditation in motion as you flow through this practice-and enjoy the benefits of letting go. The last 1/2 hour of class incorporates guided meditation during final relaxation, a wonderful preparation for the week ahead! It takes place in a heated (85-95 degree) studio. Intermediate level class.

heated Vinyasa yoga


Good & Balanced

This Hatha yoga class puts equal emphasis on the mind and body. Deep breathing and meditative techniques teach you to focus your attention as you tune into the unique needs of your body. Slow and controlled postures combined with proper alignment and breathing technique provides a challenge for students of all abilities. Combine strength and flexibility as you learn to balance effort with surrender in each pose. This class can be as mild or as challenging as you would like to make it, and is a good class to learn basic asanas (physical yoga postures) as well as how to use various props i.e. yoga blocks and straps modifying any posture to fit your needs. It is practiced in a heated (75-85 degree) studio. Beginner to Intermediate

Good & Flexible

This yoga class is the choice to help heal injuries and ailments of all kinds, and the perfect complement and balance to powerful/active yoga classes. We will open the hips, back, chest and shoulders with flexibility poses, essential for athletes and injury prevention. Focus is on strengthening, lengthening and stretching the body. Asanas are held for several minutes to allow the body to sink deeply into the pose, mostly performed seated or lying on the mat. Good for everyone seeking a deeper sense of release and relaxation for both mind and body. A gift to yourself, it is practiced in a comfortably warm studio. All ability levels welcome.



Good & Gentle

This class is the perfect place to begin if you are new to yoga or want to refresh the fundamental building blocks of your Hatha yoga practice. Perfect for anyone experiencing discomfort, limited mobility, or for those recovering from injury or childbirth. Props will be used for support and assistance (blocks, blankets, chairs, straps, the wall etc). In this class, there is an emphasis on proper alignment and gently building strength and increasing flexibility. The teachers take special care to ensure students are moving safely and feel comfortable and welcomed in each class. Excellent if you desire a slower-paced class and it’s a great complement to more vigorous classes. If you’ve been curious about yoga, but maybe a little intimidated walking into a class, this one is for you! Practiced in a comfortably warm studio. All ages and ability levels welcome.  All ability levels welcome.

Good & Mindful

This class will guide you deeper into the yoga tradition, incorporating mindful movement, guided meditation, mantra, mudra and chant with a sprinkle of Ayurvedic wisdom. If you are interested in deepening your physical as well as your spiritual practice, or would like support in getting started with a personal meditation practice, then this class is for you! The humble task of yoga is not to get anywhere, but to stay on the sensation of the breath, posture and gazing point to calm the mind and experience the reality of what is. This class will use yoga tools to slowly burn away the penchant of rushing toward a goal while learning to accept the “now.” Mindful practice helps us to understand that all the joy, happiness and freedom we are searching for out in the future is actually right here and now…all we need to do is relax the mind enough to experience it as it really is. Practiced in a comfortably warm studio.  All ability levels welcome.

Private Sessions

This is a great way for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners to get personalized and focused attention on their specific needs or interests. Beginners get an introduction that starts with an interview immediately creating a sense of comfort and wellness while determining their individual goals. More experienced students receive 1:1 attention for health concerns, injuries or other issues taking their practice to the next level. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned yoga veteran, you will have a personalized experience providing you with the health and wellness you are searching for. By appointment only, email jj@goodandtwistedyoga.com to schedule today.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga provides a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere where you can enhance the bonding process with your baby while supporting the development and strengthening of your body, mind, and spirit. This class increases the tone of pelvic muscles, improves circulation, aids in digestion, exercises the spine and increases overall health and comfort. Each session ends with an extra long relaxation period so you are completely revitalized and restored. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other pregnant women who can relate to you as you experience the miracle of life growing within you and the transition to becoming a mother!  Practiced in a non-heated studio, this class is offered as a multi-week session and you can sign up on our workshop page.  Watch for our next offering or email jj@goodandtwistedyoga.com to be added to email updates regarding upcoming prenatal sessions.



(offered as 6-Week sessions with drop-ins available as space allows) – See “Workshops” tab online for next scheduled)

T(w)een Yoga (ages 11-14); Kids Yoga (ages 7-10)

Yoga for kids/teens is a wonderful tool for developing self-esteem, concentration, coordination and mental discipline. Students will increase body awareness by learning about proper alignment in traditional yoga postures, and then flowing the postures together using one breath to one movement. The class will focus on ways to release anxiety, help cope with stress, body image issues and peer pressure, as well as the emotions that come with hormonal changes. Yoga helps prevent sports injuries and improves mental clarity and focus for studies. Practiced in a non-heated studio!