Instructors Instructor Application
JENNIFER (JJ) F, CPA (inactive), E-RYT-500, AYS, YACEP, ACE (addt’l certifications in:  Prenatal, Senior and Chair yoga)
Headshot-in a posture  Jennifer opened Good & Twisted Yoga with the hope of making yoga accessible to her community, and of teaching that yoga is for everyone!  She has over 15 years of teaching experience with certifications in a variety of disciplines, and is forever a student of this wisdom tradition!  She loves to teach yogis of all experience levels, and watch the physical and spiritual growth of her students.  It is an honor and a pleasure to guide students through their practice!  She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200, E-RYT 500), a certified group fitness instructor with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist (AYS). She began teaching group fitness classes in 1998, and was introduced to yoga in 2000. Since then, she has taught Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga classes at various fitness clubs, yoga studios and corporations. Jennifer worked full-time in her corporate career for 13 years in Accounting (CPA), Merchandising and Marketing.  In 2012, she decided to embark on a new journey and open Good & Twisted Yoga because she is passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities improve their quality of life and wellness through yoga practice. Outside of the studio, she loves being outdoors and spending time with her husband and two children.
Headshot-Sarah Littlefield2 Sarah was introduced to yoga in college as a great supplement to running. As a runner, yoga was a challenge for Sarah and made her feel a bit ungraceful in her body. But after her first class, she realized that she needed the strength, flexibility and ease in her body and mind that yoga provides. After deepening her own practice, she wanted to share it with others, and in August 2014 she completed her yoga teacher certification. Off the mat, Sarah works full time with children with autism, and has used yoga in sessions to help regulate and motivate her clients. Sarah is excited to share her experience and to be able to learn and grow in the Good and Twisted Yoga community.
Headshot-Cortney Minger Cortney took her first yoga class several years ago and instantly fell in love with the sweat and physical aspect of the practice. The hotter the better was her idea of a good yoga class. But, it wasn’t until 2 years later that she finally found the mental and calming aspect of yoga. That is truly when her outlook on both life and yoga shifted. In the summer of 2013 Cortney finally took the leap and completed her yoga teacher training. She now finds joy sharing her passion for yoga through teaching. When not on the mat, Cortney enjoys running, a nice glass of wine and experimenting in the kitchen with hopes that her husband will actually eat her experiments!
 Headshot-Shannon Piker1  After years of struggling with her weight, adrenal exhaustion, and fatigue; Shannon found herself in a yoga classroom inflexible, out of shape, unhappy and not knowing a downward dog from an upward dog. Fast forward 4 years and she has overhauled her health with the help of yoga to battle through an 80 pound weight loss journey. She overcame her exhaustion and fatigue by adopting a holistic approach to her health and wellness. Through her yoga, meditation practice, and sheer determination she was able to find the true inner peace, compassion and love that lies within herself. Shannon believes that every person has the same fire within them that yoga is ready to unleash. She wanted to share this gift with others, so completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification. She is happily married and a mommy to son, Grayson. Her motto is, “Be true to yourself and the rest will follow!”
 Headshot-Hannah Rosholt  Hannah was introduced to yoga in college, but really dove into her practice when serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan. Living close to Siberia, there were not a lot of workout options, so Hannah turned to yoga. The physical practice of yoga seemed so natural after years as a gymnast. Eventually Hannah went beyond the physical practice and experienced the beauty of breath and intention in yoga, and that’s when she was really hooked. In 2013 Hannah completed both Yoga Sculpt and Power Yoga teacher trainings. Hannah is an elementary teacher; she loves how the beauty of yoga practice complements her teaching of music and drama. Hannah feels blessed to be a part of the Good and Twisted community. 
Elyssa began practicing yoga  as a way to find balance while searching for her first corporate job in Advertising and Marketing. She spent 10 years working full-time in Chicago and Minneapolis, before making the decision to become a stay-at-home mother to her first child. Sprinkling yoga into her life along the way, Elyssa decided to complete her  yoga teacher certification in 2017. Elyssa recognizes the importance of balance and personal care in our busy lives, and has a special interest in helping fellow mothers find strength and a sense of calm through all things yoga. When Elyssa is not practicing yoga, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. Being outnumbered in a house full of boys, Elyssa takes comfort in her ability to breathe through the chaos and relax with her faithful dog, Sophie.
headshot-abby-sulheim Abby took her first-ever yoga class at Good and Twisted Yoga in February 2013 and was instantly hooked. She loved the challenge of a demanding physical practice and how each instructor was able to add their own signature style to each class. When describing to others why she loved yoga so much, Abby often said that it was because “it’s the only place my brain turns off for a whole hour.” Curiosity about why her practice had such a profound effect on her mind, body, and spirit made her realize that she wanted to learn more about this ancient tradition. Abby received her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate in August 2016 and is so excited to share what she has learned with others to help them find as much benefit as she has. Abby believes that yoga doesn’t need to be so serious or mysterious, and that if you listen to your body it will tell you what it needs. Off the mat, Abby enjoys spending time with her loved ones, cooking delicious plant based food, and reading books, food blogs, and the newspaper.
Headshot-Teresa Torgerson A dedicated yoga practice has been a part of Teresa’s life since 2009. While recovering from ACL surgery due to a tennis injury she came to appreciate all of the benefits of living a yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle and realized that practicing yoga regularly allows her to participate more fully in all aspects of life. Teresa completed her yoga teacher certification in 2013, and has been teaching since 2014. Teresa believes in giving students a taste of yoga philosophy, meditation and breath work in addition to the physical practice in order to help them find balance in life on and off the mat. She enjoys getting to know her students so that she can help them find their best expression of their yoga in a safe and healthy manner, based on the body and mind they show up with. Teresa enjoys spending time with her family, biking, walking the family dog, paddle boarding, boating and reading.

 Penny has always been involved in movement and exercise. From the time she was young she found moving her body to be a way to calm her mind. After years of overuse she was forced to slow down but found she still needed movement to heal, that is where yoga came into her life. She took her first 200 hour yoga training at that time to learn more about this system.   She has since taken another 200 hour yoga training and many continuing education classes to expand her knowledge of yoga and body mechanics.  Her three children often hear her say “yoga could help that…” and she hopes they will discover that on their own. She continues to be active but now with the mindfulness that yoga has taught her.
Stefanie began practicing yoga as a way to help relieve the stress and anxiety in her daily life. After working as a Life Skills Counselor for 10 years, she decided to pursue teaching yoga. She is a NETA certified group fitness instructor and has taught over 11 years at a local health club. In addition to teaching many fitness classes, she has been a certified yoga teacher since 2011. Stefanie has a passion to help others achieve their goals, whatever they may be. She values the importance of self-care and hopes to help people find balance in their life. She holds a BA degree in Social Work and Child and Family Studies, as well as being a registered yoga teacher.